Exhibit - Webflow Portfolio Template

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Exhibit - Webflow Portfolio Template

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Exhibit is a minimal smooth scrolled portfolio template for Webflow. It's super easy to use and to display your work in a beautiful way. It features a few elegant interactions that gives the portfolio a slightly more premium feeling.

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The template has a total of 5 static pages:

  • Home
  • Work
  • About
  • Contact

1 collection template page:

  • Projects

3 Collections

  • Projects
  • Work experience
  • Socials

3 administrative pages:

  • Styles
  • Instructions
  • Licenses

The style guide lets you easily customize the style of the whole site, and the instructions page contains a few instructions on how you can customize more complex elements.

All custom code used for the template can be found in the site settings -> custom code tab. The only custom code used is the import and initialization of Lenis (a smooth scrolling library) and a couple of lines of CSS.

The template is sold under a pay-what-you-want price with a minimum of $10. After purchase, feel free to use it for what you want. We would kindly ask you (based on trust) to only use the template for one website per purchase.

Please note that Webflow project transfers are a manual process. This means that the template will be transferred to your submitted Webflow account as soon as possible, but may take up to 12-24 hours.

Thank you.

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